Friday, December 6, 2013


i really can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. i mean, thanksgiving happened. i didn't even see that one coming. And now it's december. already week into december. there's less than a month before 2013 is all over...and we have to start drawing ugly 4's in the year.

(worst. number. ever.)

but I've just been thinking about everything that has happened and how strange time is--that it can seem so fast but cover so much all at once. i mean within a year we have...

my brother came home from afghanistan, met the love of his life, somehow convinced her to marry him (just kidding. They're perfect for each other), and now they're about to seal the deal (literally). well, that's happening in january. but barely. so we'll count it. 

my other brother and his lovely wife bought a house, which is adorable. and built a staircase, which is amazing. and got grown up jobs. props to them. 

my sister got engaged, graduated, got married, and started life a school teacher. 

another sister got a mission call and abandoned me in favor of the big guy for a year and a half. it's already been--what? nine months? but time won't go fast enough on that one....

my mom graduated to become a master massage therapist, got a bionic hip too. my oldest sister totally rocked this life thing putting me to shame with her healthy ways and fashionable Ellen-like style. and my dad turned 60. Which is a feat all in itself. 

oh, and i finished school, kept the dignity of commencement--graduated college (so high school can suck it) and, oh yeah, moved to new york city. because life just wasn't exciting enough I guess.

did i get a job? no.... way to rub that one in. but baby steps! and the year ain't over yet, people. i've got three weeks. what am i waiting for?

i dunno. something amazing, i guess.

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  1. Can I use this as our family Christmas letter?! :)