Saturday, February 15, 2014


as you all (should) know by now, i got a job. and it's basically the greatest news of my life. and i still can't believe it. seriously. i'll just be walking around doing my thing thinking about some stuff...and then it suddenly hits me. just a quick thought: "you're employed!" and then i bust up giggling and grinning, still starry-eyed and excited about it. i got a job!!!

three reasons why this is amazing. 

one. it's been almost six months since i packed up and moved out here. on august 17, 2013, i bought my one-way ticket to new york. and on august 31, 2013, i landed in new york (well, jersey. but we won't count that). i knew it would be hard seeing as i had no plans, knew absolutely no one, and had nothing set up. but my cousin, mitch, helped me out with his "Find Your First Real Job" program (seriously. it changed everything) and i got to crackin' down on that job hunt.

turns out, six months is a long time to be unemployed. i can't even tell you how many jobs i applied to, how many resumes i sent in. i can tell you i was rejected post-interview ten times. which might not seem like a lot, maybe, but it hurts...putting yourself out there and being told you're just not good enough (don't even get me started on that one). i mean, this job itself required three interviews and i was so tired and worried and nervous and anxious, along with all other similar words that, as i was recounting all this to a friend, i collapsed to the ground and began bemoaning my entire existence.

it was not a pretty moment.

but, six months later, and i'm employed! not only that, but it's a job i'm excited about and already in love with. which brings us to point two.

two. throughout this--shall we say, journey, people wondered (with good reason) why i didn't just give in and get a filler job, something to bring in the money, keep me a little more sane than unemployment was allowing. but, turns out, i am stubborn. because i knew what i wanted and i am of the opinion that life is too short to settle. so, sure, my options were very limited. and, so, yeah, i went a little crazy, got a little restless, spent a lot of time in a slight panic. all worked out. i got my dream job. and how many people get to say that?

so what is it? i'll start next week working as an assistant to a couple of agents at the Levine Greenberg Literary Agency. i may be biased now, but it's basically the greatest place on earth. it's an adorable office in midtown just about twenty minutes from my house (thank you!) and they represent a variety of titles/authors, as you can see. i'll be working primarily with an agent representing high commercial/womens fiction ("book club" stuff) and i'll be in an office with some of the nicest, jubilant, coolest people i've ever met.

i mean, you know you hit the motherload when EVERYONE in the office calls or emails to congratulate and welcome you, AND you get invited to a company potluck before the ink even hits the paper.

can someone say #winning

and the final reason?

three. i have a job. in new york. like...i'm actually stuck here, living here. people have been calling this my "nyc adventure," as if it will soon end, nothing more than a blip on my lost years as a young adult still merely playing at life. well, to them i now offer a respectable "suck it" because, ahem, i have a job. in new york !!!

it makes me feel all grownup. like i've put down roots, staked my claim, started my life. and it's all going down here, in the city that never sleeps, where my life motto of "MORE MONEY MORE DONUTS" can actually play out. and that's amazing to me.

so. to recap? i have a job. a dream job. in my dream city.

life is looking pretty good. so can we just look back at this year horoscope that is freakishly spot on for me? i mean, i don't believe in horoscopes, and i know a lot of them are so general anyone can relate. but this (and this isn't even the detailed part!)--it blew my mind and just...i want to relish in it for a moment.
You've certainly learned the art of releasing control in 2013. You've been letting go of so many things -- from material possessions to antiquated concepts around values and security. Whereas 2013 may have felt cloudy and confusing around your life's purpose, 2014 brings you one opportunity after the next to truly live out your dream and actually make money doing it.
ah, sweet, sweet vindication.

Friday, February 14, 2014

so it happened.

sometimes life is a hard thing. we can feel so much. frustration, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, hopelessness. the whole world stacks against you and you wonder, again and again, if maybe you're after the wrong things, dreaming the wrong dreams, fighting the wrong fights. sometimes, you feel like you just can't win. and sometimes you can't.


i'm here to tell gets better.


I just...can't put into words.

so, for your consideration...

this is me right now.

but i guess that won't cut it for you curious folk. so, i mean, the way it went down was. they're all like "we think you're the bees knees." and i was all...

and then they said they'd love to hire me. what! so i went full freakout mode on them. because #hello 

and life was pretty much perfect. like insert-perky-dance perfect. because, one, it isn't just a dream. and, two, it is a dream come true!!! 

(see what i did there?)

the details are pretty exciting and will be forthcoming, i promise. but i just--i cannot even process all that. 

so just let me bask. let me bask in the beautiful moment and savor every beautiful thing. because i, after six months of desperation--i got a job! a dream job! and that's all that matters. 

needless to say...i'm feeling pretty good. 

(insert chest bump.)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

hear me roar

so i've been thinking a little bit. and we all know that gets me into trouble sometimes. but i wanted to share something that's really important to me, and i'm trying to make sense of it. so just be warned: things are about to get real.

there's a quote from a chinese philosopher that says "he who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened." and i think that's true. it's easy to understand other people more than ourselves because i think people are scared of facing themselves alone, out of the context of the world and these expectations society has for us to live up to. it's easy to measure out your life based on accepted successes. graduating high school. getting into college. finding a career. starting a family. life is a series of lists to check off, goals to strive for. we're so caught up in trying to live a predetermined life, we sometimes forget to consider our individuality.

because it's scary going off book. it's scary having to think beyond the what and instead consider the why. it is much easier to go through the motions of a long-trod path instead of looking up to see where you want to go, who you want to be. after all, we're creatures of habit. we sometimes do things without thinking because, hey, it's exhausting having to be the one forging ahead. but the reality isn't a blue print. there isn't one set path or one right destiny.

we live in these shadows of expectation and norms. we limit ourselves and our desires if they don't fit into these preconceived notions of what it is to be happy, to be successful. throughout our lives there's a lot of talk about measuring up. but to what? what is this line we draw, positioning it at different points to make sure we don't cross it? what are these fences we build, to keep life contained and manageable and comfortable? what is this scale we always carry to measure people up against?

i'm not a good enough mormon. a good enough writer. a good enough woman. a good enough lover. a good enough worker.

i guess i'm just tired of being told i'm never good enough because i'm over here wondering...enough what?

the singer Janelle Monae said something amazing once. and i think it bears repeating.
Perfection is the enemy of greatness. Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable.
and i think that's true. we shouldn't be perfect; there isn't one ideal. and the question of being enough? i don't need to be enough; i need to be me.

gone are the days of waiting to be told i'm pretty enough, talented enough, good enough. i don't need permission. i'm not seeking validation. i won't fit an easy mold. life is complicated, so it makes sense every soul then is a mess of complications too. we can pretend we have it figured out. we can throw around stuff about gender roles as an excuse to limit ourselves or believe less in ourselves. we can validate our comfort zones with talk of proven methods and spiritual ideals.

when i was a girl, i thought i needed validation. i needed to be assured and reassured. i needed to play along, to fit in, to be normal and accepted. i sought after a norm. because that's what we think life is--a journey of inevitability. play the game. go through the motions to get to the end. do things the proper way and you'll make it out alive.

(always with a curious emphasis on making a life rather than living one.)

and i was always unhappy. i was always scared of my own shadow. i didn't know me. the person i carried inside and the person i tried to portray didn't match up. i had no idea how to justify how i was feeling. so i stayed quiet. and i got angry. and bitter and selfish and desperate. and even though i was doing everything "right," i was unhappy. because i wasn't honoring me.

how vain, how silly, how strange to think we have it all figured out. in our limited scope, our small experience, we think society or history or tradition has unlocked the secret to a happy life, a successful life, a proper life. but that's a joke. because i may not be enough anything for this world, but i am me. and that is enough.

i am loud and outspoken. i have thoughts and dreams and opinions that will not be silenced.
i will not listen when i'm told i am not enough, that maybe if i tried this thing i would be happier, or if i thought this way life will work out easier.
i am passionate and i am emotional. i am empowered, and that is not a crime.
i will not wait for someone's stamp of approval, or someone's okay to feel or do or think something or anything. i do not need babied, nor do i need protected.
i will smile when someone tries to soften the blow, when they think news of their opinion of me is something i have to brace against. 
i am comfortable with who i am and where i stand with God. that is what matters to me, and culture will never define that relationship for me. 
i will demand respect, but i will never need approval. my feelings are mine, and I am capable of protecting and honoring them myself.
i am flawed and imperfect, and i will continue to grow and change for me, but, still, i am enough.
i am strong and i am an individual. my thoughts are my own. my desires and dreams, no matter how different, are still valid.
i will rock the boat. i will challenge the status quo. i will ruffle feathers. i will do what makes me happy, what makes me fulfilled, what makes me me, and i will do it without apology.

to be a woman is a powerful thing. and i won't be made to feel ashamed of or limited by any part of it. and don't worry; i know i am imperfect, and this isn't meant to toot my own horn. but i am grateful to know myself. i am grateful to feel enlightened. and i think, most of all, i am grateful for the chance to live life. for me.