Tuesday, December 17, 2013


the fun facts of life in regards to living in the cold: 

even if I don't wear socks, I'm constantly wearing leg warmers. not even ironically. they are just that nice. 

i sometimes use my computer as a foot/body warmer. 

i bring my clothes with me into the bathroom and wrap them around the heater while I shower. no judgment. 

sometimes I hug my wall where a pipe runs through. it's warm and so it is my happy spot. 

my roommate plugs the crack at the floor of the front door with a towel every night. i need to start doing this with some of the windows. 

i have my super on speed dial because I'm always asking something about why it's so horrendously cold. 

i am seriously worried my fingers might fall off. 

i bought sweats for the first time in my life. fashion is out the window; I am all about being cozy. 

i'm happy to have a gas stove because it means I can warm myself by the fire. unhealthy, maybe. but effective. 

i suddenly drink hot chocolate all the time. And/or steamed milk. because life is better with a piping hot something in your hands. 

this is my life now. and I'm slowly coming to terms with it. 

slowly being the operative word.  

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