Thursday, June 19, 2014

hey, batter batter

as anyone who knows me knows, i am a huge sports fan.

i am also a huge liar.

note: only one of these things is true.

but seeing as i'm in new york (living the dream!!!) i knew it was time to take me-self out to the ballgame. yankee style.

(you should know i bleed blue)

all joking aside, i really don't think there's anything that feels more like summer than (fake) green grass and a baseball diamond. this may be due to an array of nostalgic baseball films i was inundated with as a kid. angels in the outfield, anyone? but seriously. is there a sport more represented in cheesy/disney films than baseball? and why not, right?

i love everything about it. the cheesy organ music! the snarky song choices when anyone screws up! the chanting! the clapping! the baseball caps and tees! the hot dogs! the seventh inning stretch! the bright outdoors! the smell of fake grass! just the laidbackness of it all.  it feels a) american, so b) it's awesome.

some people think it's boring. to them i say...have you watched football?

but last night was splendid. the sun was beating down on us, the sweat was pooling, the drunks were getting drunker. and yet...everything was perfect.

it all happened cuz earlier last week some friends decided they wanted to go -- and i bullied my way into an invite -- and then we got an entire group to rally. twenty-four people came and the yankees conquered. coincidence? i think not. just look at our team spirit!
note: turns out i'm horrible at taking pictures (and may also be a narcissist) so i failed to get photos of everyone who came. #mybad but i know my awesome night was thanks to all 24 awesome people who came. #blessed

ah, summer. it's enough to make a girl who doesn't like sports suddenly want to go to every game, but maybe that's just because she bought a hat and she has to get her money's worth in and, you know, blue's her color and new york is her city so she's all in it for the yankees because that's only fair.

let's go with that.