Tuesday, October 28, 2014

baby we're the new romantics

so my bff forevs, taylor swift, released her fifth album, first pop album, yesterday and...it generally slays. i have one song stuck in my head, constantly and consistently. i love it and i'm obsessed with it. but i'm not going to fangirl MUCH except to say...you can hate on taylor for her singing voice, her dancing, her fashion, her relationships -- i don't know why you would but, hey, you can -- but can we all just respect that she is a really talented lyricist? like, maybe i've had too much of the kool aid by now, but this is clever stuff. and i'll never understand how she can make something so personal (so inherently taylor) and yet i'm over here like HOW DID SHE GET IN MY BRAIN?

this is my new anthem. click for a link. or, you know, just buy the album. you won't regret it, because it's just good, fun, clever, addicting stuff. i mean, that's kind of taylor's mo: it's all about the slow burn. you listen to any of her lyrics -- really listen -- and suddenly you're hooked.

(i mean, don't even try to tell me you didn't listen to shake it off at least once and actually like it. because i won't believe you.)

new romantics
taylor swift

we're all bored, we're all so tired of everything
we wait for trains that just aren't coming
we show off our different scarlet letters
trust me, mine is better
we're so young, we're on the road to ruin
we play dumb, but we know exactly what we're doing
we cry tears of mascara in the bathroom
honey life is just a classroom

cuz baby i could build a castle
out of all the bricks they threw at me
and every day is like a battle
but every night with us is like a dream
baby, we're the new romantics
come on, come along with me
heartbreak is the national anthem
we sing it proudly
we are too busy dancing
to get knocked off our feet

baby, we're the new romantics
the best people in life are free


brb putting it on repeat. don't mind me. currently having a dance party in the mail room. the end.

**my one gripe with the whole thing is that this is only a bonus track. my love for taylor will only be rocked if she doesn't play this on tour**

Friday, October 10, 2014

travel bug

going to malta maybe changed my life. and i know i haven't talked about it here, mostly because i've beaten it over the head of anyone who interacts with me or my facebook. and it's a little late to write up a post about just how AWE-some malta was. but i don't even care. because, yes, malta was beautiful and interesting and diverse and it was liberating being there on my own terms and i definitely want to go back (really). but more than anything malta just made me realize...there's so much more i want to see.

this world is so big and vast and beautiful. it's indescribable and different. every corner, crack, and cranny holds something amazing. i loved every second of being lost in something so beyond me. no one there knew who i was (aside from my wonderful travel buddy). but what i mean is...no one had any idea who shelby was, what concerns and worries i felt shadowed or bogged down by. my problems weren't theirs. my dreams weren't theirs. i was merely a face in the crowd of their lives.

it was so absolutely freeing.

we can be pretty selfish people. and with good reason. (mostly.) i mean, this is our life--we only get one shot. we need to be concerned about us and what makes us happy and what gives our lives value. it's right to be aware of oneself. but it was also nice to be reminded that even if my life revolved around me, the whole world, in fact, did not. life in malta went on. life in new york went on. i just totally stepped out of it for a week, caught in the current of everyone else's orbits.

i think there's a reason people say they caught the travel bug or they suffer from wanderlust. because it does feel like a disease. something beyond your control. something that just happens and takes you and changes things. five years ago i thought there were only five places on earth i cared to see. i wanted to see new york, london, paris, italy, and egypt. that's all. i didn't get why i had to travel to appreciate the world. i had books! i had the internet! i had pictures! i didn't feel drawn to any place outside of my (very small) comfort zone.

well, that changed.

i went to london. then paris. i realized the world is pretty cool and maybe it would be fun to see more of it, but no big deal.

then i moved to new york. and i realized moving, going, seeing...it changes you. and i thought how amazing it was to be at this international hub with thousands of people coming and going. i wanted to be one of those people.

and then i went to malta. i rushed through istanbul. and i realized there's a big world out there and i'm desperate to see it all. if only to know what more it can do to me.

and this has all taught me three things: 1) travel changes you. it makes me feel strong, capable, brave. 2) traveling gets easier (no more throwing up on planes!) and so much more fun, and growing up is grand--i mean, look at how tiny and young i look in london compared to istanbul. is it just me? 3) I MUST SEE ALL THE PLACES!

i keep a list of travel destinations on my phone. just places i've always wanted to see or places i hear about or pictures i see and think "that looks amazing." and it's getting lengthy. and i get too excited about each one. and i'm already eager to plan my next trip. but the real question is...where?

i want to see...
new orleans
key west
kauai (jp!!)
the grand canyon
niagara falls

i want to go to...
the french riviera
new zealand

i thought i could make a "30 before 30" travel list, but there's too many places i want to see. and so many different ways i want to see it all. one could say i'm young and restless. but i think that's okay. and even right. life shouldn't feel settled already. I'm barely 23, i have my whole life ahead of me, and, hey, i can sleep when i'm dead.

i've realized the world is my oyster and i really can do whatever i want because...it is my life. and that is such a scary, amazing, freeing thought. so i've seen bits of the world. i wouldn't call myself well-traveled or wordly. but i wish i was. because what i've seen so far amazes me. and it's changed me. i feel more capable, more brave, more me than i ever felt. i like who i've become and the openendedness of who i can yet be. and maybe that's dramatic and maybe life will get me down and i'll never see another place again. (knock on wood). but more and more my life's mantra can be summed up to simply "Life Wholly Lived."

i want a life of adventure. i want a world of discovery. i want immersion and escape. i want to feel and see and do and be. in the pages of this world and all its diversity, i want to find me. 
so...here's to that. vacations, amiright?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

tweet me this

i was having a blue monday when i realized i was staring out of the window at my dream job looking at the empire state building. #perspective

i may be biased or whatever, but i'm really stoked for taylor swift's new album.

i spend too much time combing websites for fall clothes. i want all the tights, knee highs, maroon-colored dresses and plaid jackets i can get.  

i know i'm behind the times, but i've been listening to Ed Sheeran's X album nonstop. because it's perfect. and his music video for "thinking out loud" is beautiful.

i never feel more like an adult than when i wear lipstick. this may seem childish.

the last book i read was THE INFINITE SEA. it was so good i almost want to keep it as the last book i ever read.

i don't know how it's october already, but i'm happy it is. now is the time of apple, cider, donuts...and all three at the same time.

i bought my ticket home for christmas already. the day is marked in my calendar simply as "PUPPIES." #priorities

i fell in love with "four walls" by Broods. i can't fall asleep without listening to it.

my roof is crumbling down around me. this is not a euphemism, and i've had to have the repair guys come into my apartment twice in the last week. just holding on to that "newly renovated" title, i guess.

i went to a cocktail party on a roof in midtown last week. bought a fancy lbd and everything. held down my seltzer and lime like a boss. i so fancy. also, i like playing dress up. 

i think i should lose five pounds, and then i think food is just SOOOO good. whose fault is that, really? happiness > dress size.

it's fall premiere season, constantly reminding me of just how much tv i watch. most important to me, though, is parenthood. can it not be the last season, please? also, brooklyn 99. also, the mindy project.

i really don't know what's going on with my life right now, but i mostly dig it. which i guess is as good as it gets.

these innocuous updates were brought to you by bored-at-work-and-i-figured-it-is-time-to-update-my-blog-again-but-i-have-nothing-new-to-say-so-bye.