Thursday, December 26, 2013


i decided to surprise my family this christmas. well, my mom and i did (thanks, ma!). and it went off splendidly. because 1) i am a master liar and 2) see reason one.

i flew into little ole SLC at 2 in the afternoon. my parents picked me up and then we went on a lets-surprise-everyone pilgrimage.

step one. call them all to figure out where they are. justin didn't answer. ashley was at work. travis called me back. first target acquired.

Through some coaxing i got him to reveal his location: REI with his love doing some last minute christmas shopping. i told him how sad i was i couldn't be there, that christmas in new york wasn't enough to keep me from missing home. made some lie about brooklyn and donuts (that is always my cover story, because it is the most likely truth. oh...brooklyn i miss them).

anyways. so we go to the REI, see his car in the parking lot and prepare for the perfect attack. but justin called me back then. so i had to answer, again trying to figure out where he was (home) and how long he'd be there (an hour) before telling him i was blowing him off for a friend (and donuts in brooklyn) and would talk to him later.


enter the store. i scan the room and quickly find my target. they are looking at sunglasses, so i crouch and weave my way through crowds and racks until i round the perfect corner a lioness going for the gazelle, i leap out at them and yell "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

this was travis

this was abbey

and i was shaking i was laughing so hard. it was hilarious. not to mention travis was modeling the most ridiculous glasses. and their faces--there was no recognition for a good fifteen seconds and i was all "oh my gosh they don't even care." and then it registered and the flabbergasted-ness set in.


but we had our second mission, so we left to get to justin's in time. this target would be harder, i thought, since their home has a million windows and a glass front door. but the parents dumped me at the curb and i flew up to the front door, ringing the bell six times and turning my back so i faced a corner until i heard the door open.


this was justin

this was cait

and i was shaking i was laughing so hard.

and then it was off to the apple store to catch ashley. it was a little difficult to find her. i had to get her manager involved--but he was a peach about the whole thing--and he grabbed her from the back, saying she was needed out front immediately. i meanwhile was shaking off the advances of some random (i mean, hello, busy giving everyone heart attacks here). and then she rounded a corner and i was there.


this was ashley

i quote: "OH MY GOSH WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" and i was shaking i was laughing so hard.

then melissa was out of town, so that was no fun. but laura, being out of the country, called on christmas and i popped up when she skyped in. and then there were grandparents and cousins galore to surprise. and it was all grand and happy and fun. so. mission accomplished. 

talk about clever girl, eh? 
nailed it. 

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