favorite book.
toss up between The Fault In Our Stars (John Green) and The Poisonwood Bible (Barbra Kingsolver)

favorite color. 
usually something in the teal category. sometimes orange. on off days, you might here me say green. that's a copout. 

favorite movie. 
Jurassic Park. i'm dead serious. it's practically a life style, the way i live by it. 

favorite food. 
really not a picky eater, but i LOVE eating. any and everything. sushi, curry, fried chicken, pad thai, spring rolls, turkey club, brats, pasta, tortilla soup. and the list goes on.  

favorite treat.
nutella+pb in whatever form offered. or chocolate ice cream. 

favorite animal. 
corgi. or a baby goat. or bears (the way they lumber!).

favorite pastime. 
reading. writing. eating...or binge watching tv shows... it happens a lot, okay?

favorite place.
london. seriously, can i go back? i need a grilled cheese from borough market. i need new shirts from primark. i need to wander through the natural history museum and the victoria and albert museum. i need to get lost in hyde park. i need kababs and schwarma and chips. i need to catch the tube to picadilly circus and see a show. 

i need to stop.

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