Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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i was having a blue monday when i realized i was staring out of the window at my dream job looking at the empire state building. #perspective

i may be biased or whatever, but i'm really stoked for taylor swift's new album.

i spend too much time combing websites for fall clothes. i want all the tights, knee highs, maroon-colored dresses and plaid jackets i can get.  

i know i'm behind the times, but i've been listening to Ed Sheeran's X album nonstop. because it's perfect. and his music video for "thinking out loud" is beautiful.

i never feel more like an adult than when i wear lipstick. this may seem childish.

the last book i read was THE INFINITE SEA. it was so good i almost want to keep it as the last book i ever read.

i don't know how it's october already, but i'm happy it is. now is the time of apple, cider, donuts...and all three at the same time.

i bought my ticket home for christmas already. the day is marked in my calendar simply as "PUPPIES." #priorities

i fell in love with "four walls" by Broods. i can't fall asleep without listening to it.

my roof is crumbling down around me. this is not a euphemism, and i've had to have the repair guys come into my apartment twice in the last week. just holding on to that "newly renovated" title, i guess.

i went to a cocktail party on a roof in midtown last week. bought a fancy lbd and everything. held down my seltzer and lime like a boss. i so fancy. also, i like playing dress up. 

i think i should lose five pounds, and then i think food is just SOOOO good. whose fault is that, really? happiness > dress size.

it's fall premiere season, constantly reminding me of just how much tv i watch. most important to me, though, is parenthood. can it not be the last season, please? also, brooklyn 99. also, the mindy project.

i really don't know what's going on with my life right now, but i mostly dig it. which i guess is as good as it gets.

these innocuous updates were brought to you by bored-at-work-and-i-figured-it-is-time-to-update-my-blog-again-but-i-have-nothing-new-to-say-so-bye.

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