Thursday, April 17, 2014


Throwback to that time I was in DC and life was literally all sunshine and roses--well, blossoms anyway.

And I was sitting on a bench minding my own business...

Well, let's just tell the story. It starts basically here:

so once upon a time I was sitting on a bench under the magnolia trees posing for Casey, because #obvs (if you follow me on facebook, you know how these turned out--and they were fabulous). suddenly, this Asian couple comes up and the woman just sits down on the bench impressively close to me. my groove was definitely thrown off, but i'm flexible (in a purely metaphorical sense).

well, the man gets in photo-taking position and, waving wildly at me, he goes "picture? picture?" knowing the beauty of the background, I understandingly stand to move. but the man shakes his hand--wildly again--and is like "no no. with you. stay stay!"

whaaaaaat is happening?

at this point, I don't even know what to do. my compatriots are laughing at me. the Asians ask casey to sit too, but she refuses (racist.). and i'm just hanging out on this bench wondering what the proper etiquette is. do I get closer? do I smile at the camera? do I make it a Kodak moment and look away? am I supposed to sidle up to the woman so we look like friends?

no clue.

so I basically plaster something to my face--something between a smile and a grimace, with just a hint of a guffaw.

they got their picture. said thanks. I said you're welcome? and then they were gone. maybe I look famous. maybe my winter whiteness was such a novelty. maybe they saw my self-directed photo shoot so just assumed I was important. or maybe they just really wanted an authentic catalogue of their every moment in dc.

in any case, there is a photo of me uncomfortable and awkward floating out there. 

well, let's be real, that's nothing new (see above).   


  1. it's probably cause you rock those shorts.

  2. They probably thought you were Taylor Swift.