Wednesday, April 30, 2014

it's gonna be mey

it's almost my birthday! which makes it almost the greatest time of year! which is doubly true because it's almost may! so on this the first of the month of me--err, i mean may--i thought it would be appropriate to celebrate all things awesome.
*aka things that just happen to be on my brain right this second. as this is the most random post i've ever written.

one, my job. i haven't been fired yet, which i view as a major success. in fact, i have finally been given a desk. what! moving up in the world, i know. after months (has it really been motnhs??) of moving around playing some variation of musical chairs, i've been given a beautiful new desk. and i feel oh-so-good about this.

two, this month! oh my goodness oh my goodness! the things i have planned! karaoke! dancing! donuts! montauk! godzilla! it doesn't get better than this.

three, the weather is (sort of) getting better. after the winter from HELL, i finally put my coat away and i'm usually fine about this. sure, it's pouring rain at a miserable 45 degrees. but did i let that stop me from buying summer shorts? no! did i let that stop me from setting an appointment for a summer haircut? no! take back the weather, guys! show mother nature who is boss!
* just kidding, mama nature. i respect your power and might and bow down to your will, only praying and pleading that that might come to include anything above the 70s

four, it's almost my birthday! on may 8, i'll be 23. which is equal parts so totally young and surprisingly old. i mean, not old old.'s a big number. especially considering my mind still hasn't rebooted from that whole big step of going to college at 18. sometimes i forget how old i am. as in...i just don't consider it. like, not that i think i'm still 18 or that i should be 25. just that i feel nondescript about it. and then when i have to actually think about it, i find myself surprised. 23?! but even in those moments i'm unable to decide if that seems younger or older than i expected. such is life.

five, i watched the newest trailer for The Fault In Our Stars and, yeah, i still cry. in the trailer. which makes me soooooo excited for the movie! there's an early showing this weekend (as in a month early) that i'm determined to go to. please? pretty please, universe? it's my birthday! #itsgonnabemey

six, i'm really starting to run out of things to say. but i am just so happy and high on lyyyfe that i feel like i can't stop.

seven, see six again. also, i don't like even numbers.

so there. that's a catch up on life. and an introduction to the greatest month full of the most fabulous adventures! so expect more. lots more. cuz it only goes up from here.

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