Friday, March 28, 2014

secondhand high

first I'd like to say, ma...i now know what pot smells like. 

i went and saw a concert on thursday. for no reason other than i feel like it and #yolo and lazy sunday's leads to spontaneous purchases. i mean, it was grouplove. which, i love a lot of their stuff. if by a lot i can mean the four songs i do know. and it was at some hip new york venue. which, as it turns out, isn't that hip for new york. but it impressed the small town utah girl in me (ugh. i can't believe i just identified as a utahn. never again).

but no regrets. because it was awesome.

a new yorkers reality of an indie rock concert on a thursday night?
show up late--maybe halfway through the second opener. throw back a couple beers. then a couple more. just so your speech is perfectly slurred as you wobble around singing (sort of?) along to the music stopping to say things like "god, i f'ing love this SOOOOONG!" be escorted out by your girlfriend when you nearly barf. light up. throw empty beer cups into the crowd. realize they're not entirely empty. curse your luck but go back to screaming, pulsing, dancing, yelling. rave.

my reality of an indie rock concert on a thursday night?
arrive on time. even maybe a little early. as in before the first act even sets up. because, hello, i paid for the whole show. enjoy each act as they get progressively awesomer. geek out when the disco ball is lit up just as the beat drops. laugh at the people recording every song even though the alcohol is already making it hard for them to hold the phone steady. wonder when they turned the fog machine on. realize everyone's just completely high. watch everyone light up, no shame, puffs of smoke filling the air from below. sidestep drunk girls trying to get up on me. enjoy the music. like, epically so.

it was a good night.

Smallpools opened. they were pretty much awesome. listen to dreaming. wish it was summer.

wait half an hour for a set change. then MSMR came out. they killed it. i mean, look at how epic.   
check them out. dance yrself clean cover--love it. also, hurricane. 

and then GROUPLOVE. you know it's legit when the band files out to dubstepit would be legit when they came out to dubstep wearing LED hoodies carrying glow in the dark drum sticks. and then they dropped the beat and i would be forever changed.  
so i loved the songs i did know. tongue tied, colours, ways to go (talk about a summer song), itchin' on a photograph. and then i loved pretty much everything else. they are...crazy. slow was stunning. bitin' the bullet was probably my favorite of the night. totally slaughtered it.and then literally dropped the mic and walked away. because, hello, that stage got OWNED.
i tried to capture all their glory. but an iphone just doesn't cut it. i guess you just had to be there. ...but i shall gloat nonetheless!
it was seriously so fun. and crazy. and dizzyingly cloudy with all that weed--err, smoke/fog. and, yeah, everyone was wasted and high--on life, duuuuuh. and the floors were sticky with alcohol. and i was covered with beer. and i definitely smelt like...something after. but it was so fun!

even if i did do it the whitebread, mormon girl, clean cut kind of way. 

and i went to a cheese and wine shop after. so...just keepin it classy. all night long.

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