Friday, February 14, 2014

so it happened.

sometimes life is a hard thing. we can feel so much. frustration, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, hopelessness. the whole world stacks against you and you wonder, again and again, if maybe you're after the wrong things, dreaming the wrong dreams, fighting the wrong fights. sometimes, you feel like you just can't win. and sometimes you can't.


i'm here to tell gets better.


I just...can't put into words.

so, for your consideration...

this is me right now.

but i guess that won't cut it for you curious folk. so, i mean, the way it went down was. they're all like "we think you're the bees knees." and i was all...

and then they said they'd love to hire me. what! so i went full freakout mode on them. because #hello 

and life was pretty much perfect. like insert-perky-dance perfect. because, one, it isn't just a dream. and, two, it is a dream come true!!! 

(see what i did there?)

the details are pretty exciting and will be forthcoming, i promise. but i just--i cannot even process all that. 

so just let me bask. let me bask in the beautiful moment and savor every beautiful thing. because i, after six months of desperation--i got a job! a dream job! and that's all that matters. 

needless to say...i'm feeling pretty good. 

(insert chest bump.)

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