Friday, August 30, 2013

for the curious few

you may have noticed my posts have been a bit vague about this whole New York thing. this is mostly because i really have no details yet. and, really, it's just after everyone asking if i have a job (more embarrassing, just assuming i've got one figured out and then having to tell them "uhh no") i got sick of explaining the vagueness, letting everyone know i really didn't have it figured out. because then they always had their opinion.

my grandpa told me maybe i shouldn't get rid of old boots until i found new ones. not that i exactly had old boots to begin with.

a friend wondered how i would pay for the city if i didn't even have a place to live or work in the city. it's a catch-22, and i'm working on it.

i thought i was absolutely crazy for getting this wild idea in my head and maybe it'd be best to move home and revert to being a fifteen year old. which is still a tempting proposition.

someone suggested maybe i actually visit said city before i bought that one-way ticket and found myself stuck. yeah, wish i could afford that.

and i took all that advice--good advice, really--and just flat-out ignored it. cuz that's how i roll. but i do have a plan, even if it is a little vague. and general. and dreamy. and maybe even naive. i just...there's really nothing for me here in utah (see previous post) so a move was inevitable. and after some circling around london, la, texas, or dc, i found myself settling in on nyc. you might think this was natural as i have always been drawn to the city and it's been a dream vacation since forever. truth is, i never wanted to live in new york. too loud. too cold. too tall. too big. too far. too rodent-intensive. but here i was deciding, yeah, that's where i should fly off to.

so the plan? i arrive in NYC. my cool cousin (doing cool things like this) and his lovely wife (killing it at Teach For America), let me crash for a few days/weeks at their lovely pad right on Central Park, west side. cuz they're nice like that. i immediately go on the hunt for housing as this is a must. i'll look everywhere but hope for somewhere on the Upper West Side since that is close to where i want to work, supposedly has the best ward, and is easily accessible via public transportation. simultaneously--just to exercise my multi-tasking skills--i look for a job.

i want to work in publishing. that's the goal. anything will do, really, because i love it that much. but trade publishing/fiction/ya/childrens would be beautiful. still, as i fight for that dream, i'll allow my dwindling funds to motivate me to take any job. well, aside from retail or food, since my dignity will never allow that. temp jobs are definitely on my radar. and i have a lovely freelance writing job (anyone looking for a house?) that will also help me keep busy.

so. make it or break it, i'll be in nyc. which seems like consolation enough to deal with...well, pretty much anything.

details as they come.


  1. It's 9/1 and you haven't texted back.

    1. And by 9/1, I meant 9/2 because I didn't realize it was 1AM.

  2. SHELBY, it's Chelsea. Chelsea Thomson (previously Chelsea Roeber.) :) Anyway, I am so happy for you, Shelby and I am so glad you are doing this! It all sounds so lovely and stressful and adventurous and romantic and fantastic! I can't wait to read about your progress and adventures. I'll dream through you! You're awesome. And good luck! :D