Thursday, May 8, 2014

a week of me!

guys. i'm 23. i know this is equal parts not a big deal and a pretty big deal. i mean, it blows my mind--not because it's old, but because it's a number i've never considered, you know? it's like...what does it mean to be 23? supposedly it's the worst year of your twenties (yay!) but i think it's just one of those forgotten ones. i mean, probably because there is no sugary anthem for it a la 22 (thanks, taylor!). but the point is i wanted to make it memorable. because this last year has been unforgettable. and crazy packed. and oh my gosh i can't believe it's only/already been a year. so i wanted to go out with a bang. and, boy, did i.

this has been my week. i call it such because i have seemingly morphed into a narcissistic attention whore who cannot bear to not have people paying attention to her.

so...nothing new there. lollollol.

but really. it's been a fun and fabulous week full of unexpected moments and some very-much-planned (by me, the most self-indulgent) and flawlessly executed (by my most impressive friends) experiences. so yay for the memories. it has been a FABULOUS week. and since we all know i love a good pat on my own back, i figured i'd share it. so, you're welcome.

a bunch of us went to karaoke on a thursday night to sing ourselves hoarse. and, you know, to party. it was a parade of Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Alanis Morisette, Backstreet Boys, and more. nat and i put our girl Celine Dion to shame with a soulful rendition of "It's All Coming Back to Me" (sing it, girl!). that was pretty much a highlight. there were tears shed, it was that beautiful. and then we broke it down to "Empire State of Mind" in the style of my man Jay-Z. nothing like a bunch of white kids singing like they can relate.

but it was so much fun. we met new people, stayed out late.

seriously, nothing makes me feel more grown up than staying out late on a weekday. i know this is childish. which makes the whole thing a paradox. (or is it an oxymoron?)

point is, karaoke = winning.

ramen. creepy parking lots. cookie dough. lbd. turns out, it's all a winning combination.

i know this is going to blow all y'all's minds, but...I WENT TO AN EARLY SHOWING OF GODZILLA! and it was everything i could have dreamed and more.

through a curious turn of events, my roommate got some press passes to an early showing. because she works for a website that streams korean dramas and because...godzilla is originally asian? i dunno, but i'm not complaining. she heard me rave about it--because, hello, i had fandango set to tell me when tickets went on sell. and i bought them instantly. so she casually mentions that she's going to this movie and invites me along. i of course almost cry. but i keep it together enough to say yes, please and thank you.

and it was awesome. words just.... plus, when you're sitting in a specially reserved seat and given free popcorn and a drink and you get to talking to some guy next to you who's a movie critic so you get to share your love of monster movies and spend a good fifteen minutes discussing the finer points of Jurassic Park--well, if you know me at all, you know that is my definition of heaven.

i was on cloud nine after that.

and the night wasn't even over! because we went dancing again. at that monthly 90s dance party in brooklyn. and it was still the greatest thing ever. 90s music really is all that and a bag of chips. besides what's a more appropriate way to celebrate your birth as a 90s kid than by going to a 90s dance party? answer: absolutely nothing. i got me so marky mark, TLC, destiny's child, Spicegirls. it was a good time.

other highlights of the rather eventful day?
first ice cream cone of the season. from an ice cream truck. and it was delicious. 
more karaoke. but only the female power hitters, so...#feminism
getting caught in a random rain storm so running in to the Gap and "trying on" sweaters as we waited it out. 
getting a gyro just to have it explode all over me. 
watching how many people were willing to go into a starbucks bathroom without tp and commenting on using napkins instead (it was a disgustingly surprising amount).

I had a mormon hangover from all the late night revelry on saturday. so it was a prettaay lazy day. but there was mac and cheese and cookie dough, which is as good a hangover cure as anything else.

or so i hear.

well, turns out i'm addicted to karaoke. because we went again. and it was oh so fun! some vanessa carlton, smash mouth, and, of course, my girl, Celine. it was another beautiful day.

#317 reason i love my job? sometimes they pay for us to go to cool events. this is also a perk of representing cool people. so what did i do on this lovely tuesday evening? we went and saw Nick Offerman and Megan Mullaney's, play, Annapurna. it was crazy/funny and i loved every minute. especially since it culminated in my meeting NICK OFFERMAN. whaaaaaaat! And not in a celebrity/fan sort of way; but in a colleague and peer sort of way. like oh my gosh--he said my name.

my office represents his book, hence going to the play together. and then his agent (my coworker) was like "I'm gonna hang out after to say hi. you guys can if you want." uh, yes please. so i hang out for twenty minutes, shocked as people actually decide it's not worth it, and then there he is, bearded and tall with a voice like butter. he was chatting, being lovely, and then he looks around at all of us and is like "i'm sorry, i don't think i've met all of you." and so he went around to shake hands and say hello. he gets to me and says "i'm nick." and i give him a firm, confident handshake, looking him deep into his soullful eyes (not creepy) and say "I'm Shelby." and he goes "shelby, it's a pleasure to meet you."

whaaaaaaaat! happy birthday to me.

did i consider inviting him to my birthday? or asking for a picture? yes, all of that crossed my mind. but i played it cool. i'm a professional for heaven's sake!!

now, did i freak out a soon as I left? uh, duh. i couldn't stop smiling and I was basically GLOWING just basking in the mere memory of his presence.

plus, you know, the play was amazing too. seriously, an intimate two-person show that was just guttingly emotional, there are no words to describe it. except to say that nick offerman is the greatest and...i still can't believe he said my name. the end.

so i don't know if i've made this abundantly clear yet,'s my birthday today. claps for me! honestly, i haven't really been a big birthday person before.

well, this isn't true. i love the attention i get on a birthday, and i've had some pretty awesome birthdays (disneyland/world anyone?) what i meant to say is i' haven't really been a big birthday party person. i'm more a please-family-give-me-all-your-attention-for-the-whole-day kind of person. which mostly culminates in a dinner out. but this year i was feeling especially energetic (read: needy) and i wanted to do something to prove life is good out here! so i threw a party (is it gauche to throw one's own party?) and in true shelby fashion (read: gluttonous), we made donuts. tons and tons of donuts.

it was at my place--newly furnished so i looked especially stylish. and we set up a "build your own donut" bar. what is this, you say? only the greatest idea since sliced bread!
this is how we do it. optional pudding cream filling. your choice of glaze. and a plethora of toppings to roll it in.
patent pending.

and to prove i'm even more self-centered than you think, these are the only photos of the night.
so...there's that. but i mean, really, it was because we were too busy having fun to take pictures OBVIOUSLY. and lets be honest, these aren't the most flattering photos of me. unless being photographed in the middle of swallowing a donut whole is flattering.

but we did get in a good after shot.
oh, the gluttony.

but it was a good party. i mean, the food was obviously delicious. the company was wonderful. the energy was palpable. and i couldn't ask for better friends. all joking and self-congratulating aside, it really was a great party. and i felt so happy! so yay for a great year and a great start to a great new year! they sang me happy birthday and i blew out a yankee candle! just keepin it classy.

and then today is the day. i woke up with a super stiff neck. as in my head feels too heavy for my body. it's a new sensation (maybe I really am old?). it was hard getting up and to work on time, but i managed. and i discovered some perks of being a professional in an established office.

1) you get birthday lunch. yay for free food!
2) they'll buy you donuts for a "surprise" birthday party because they know how much i love them. and while they were worried i'd be donut-ed out from last night's party, i assured them there was no such thing.
3) um, they actually give you really nice gifts. likes about $100 worth of stuff like movie tickets and SPA TREATMENTS. it pays to have friends with money. #justsayin

also, some of my beautiful, lovely family members sent me flowers! and the flower people accidentally doubled the order so i got TWO bouquets! because i'm that special. and all the love i've received via texts and facebook have been truly heartwarming. who knew there were so many puppy birthday memes to be had? (taryn.)

so, thank you. and no matter if or how you contributed to any of the stories raved about here, i love ya! and i love life! yay for being 23! it's been great so far. and the build up wasn't half bad.

and lest you think the week of me is over--as most weeks only last seven days--let me assure's not. because what comes next? THE HAMPTONS LYFE!

stay tuned. 

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  1. this all sounds divine. i'm so glad someone else understands how to live life to the fullest :) maybe our life lovingness will pass on through our infectious happiness. and OMG i'm 100% copying that donut party for my birthday this year.