Thursday, January 23, 2014

my life is the greatest.

i'm gonna be honest. life has been pretty bad this year. so far. that is to say i've been caught in the doldrums. 

you know. where everything gets you down because nothing feels right and it's so easy to think your whole life and all you feel about it can be contained in one depressingly breathless run-on sentence? just one of those months I suppose. I blame the cold. and the holiday hangovers. and the unemployment. and the draining bank account. and the student loans suddenly due. and...did I mention unemployment? 

but. the thing is, even with all that, i made a decision: life is beautiful. and I'm gonna be grateful. because let's be real, my life is...brilliant. 

one. i live in new york. i don't know if you know this, but this is the greatest city in the world. 

I was practically giddy the other day when I took a cab over the brooklyn bridge and just watched the sun melt through the buildings as the avenues chased right up to the waters. and i looked back over at the city and just smiled, because it's my city. 

and the skyline is gorgeous.

two. it may be freezing cold, and I may be permanently chilled. but I have the most amazing coat (thanks, ma and pops) and it really changes everything. who knew dressing for the weather actually works? no matter that I look part bear part sleeping bag in my coat; anyone who doesn't is a tourist, and tourists are the worst. 

three. I am obsessed with food and thus I am happy here. everything is better in New York. and I mean everything. 

well, except their Mexican food. that hasn't really translated. and nothing can ever beat the brilliance of a cafe rio enchilada-style burrito. mmm. 

four. I can have absolutely nothing to say and still post nonsense blogs that are a million times cooler than anything I could have dreamed of saying back in Utah. because, you know, the New York thing (New York > everything). but also the whole chasing-my-dream-and-bucking-logic-or-general-preparedness-because-I'm-young-and-wild-and-free. 

that's how we do. 

also, fun story time : I hailed a cab the other. effortlessly, i might add. only, some girl up the street was like "oh no! excuse me. no. that's mine." and she literally ran me down, wagging her manicured nails as she gripped her shopping bags on fifth avenue. she stole my cab. and I just rolled my eyes, backing off (only whispering some nasty sentiments under my breath) and let her have it. because I raised my hand again, and another cab came careening across traffic for me. 

this, I think, proves I'm a New Yorker. which is a pretty great thing to be. so I'll take the cold and the poverty and the unemployment--I'm livin the dream, baby! and I'm loving it. 

baddah buh buh bumm. 

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