Thursday, November 7, 2013


we all know i have a sister-in-law i'm crazy about. i seriously can't imagine my family without her. like, how did we manage that for so long? i love her, i got another awesome sister--how much better can the world get?

well, see, i have another brother.

and he went and fell in love.

and so they went and got engaged.

which means they'll be getting married.
abbey olson soon-to-be boyer
while i'm happy my brother met the love of his life and convinced her to marry him yadayadayada, the really important thing here is--i get another sister! and i happen to love her. because she's sweet and spunky, she's got mad style and killer skills (i'm on a roll with the s's here).

and today, it happens to be her birthday. which is the point of this post. because i am a family-oriented person. they are my people. my best friends. my rock and my foundation. i love them all, and even though i'm way over here (living a pretty fab life) i miss them like crazy. her too.

as fate would have it, she and cait have actually been best friends since...birth, pretty much. seriously. 
now they'll be sealed forever, married to brothers, living in the same house even. how is that fair? it's not. but i'll allow it because, as aforementioned, they're pretty much the coolest.
and they were kind enough to let me edge in to their circle, little sister style.

so, sister to sister? happy birthday, abbey. welcome to the family!

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