Tuesday, October 1, 2013

halfway there

so as you know, i got a place. a lovely place that i mostly adore in a city that i mostly love. this is mostly good. what was not good was the amount of my money swirling slowly down the drain as we failed, time and again, to find a roommate. seems in classic bad-luck-boyer style, i found housing just as the housing craze of the new season dwindled to a barely perceptible whisper. really, it was more like a yawn.

that's right, i go through the nightmare of too many people looking, not enough people selling, only to find out as we come out all sunshine and roses...that no one is looking and now everyone is selling.


insert another two nightmarish weeks of panicking as my bank accounts drained. like a water bottle draining after you've shaken a twister inside. girls showing interest, backing out, waiting for jobs, waiting for money--just waiting.

all of which is understandable and i cannot resent them for.

still. i'm over here waving in distress, my smile a bit crazed as i wish i could just scream "I REALLY NEED THAT MONEY BACK!"

and then it finally happened. after what felt like eternity trying to convince this girl to move in (without coming on too strong and, you know, crazy), she finally signed. yay! i got a whopping check to pay back what i put down on the lease so my bank account is happy too.

which is great because credit card bills are due. fateful timing? methinks so.

anyways. while this nightmare is over, another lives on: still jobless, still struggling, still tired of all the "have you found a job yet" questions. trust me, you'll know when i do.

so i still don't quite feel settled and it's still a little panicky over here (hence these morose-ly flavored postings) but i'm getting there. practically a new yorker. hopefully i'll earn the title sooner rather than later. because, i mean, it wasn't that big a payday.

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  1. You know what "they" say... "If [you] can make it there, [you'll] make it anywhere!" You are doing it and I couldn't be more proud. Love you!